About Us

Hi! My name is Meagen. I’m a wife, pet fanatic, writer, occasional blogger, photographer wannabe, foodie who has a soft spot for all kinds of animals. Here is a little bit more about everyone you might encounter here!

Lion Head Rabbit. Charlie


Charlie is a lion-head rabbit who is about 1 year old. He has a big personality and often reminds me of a stubborn toddler. He is curious, funny, and occasionally forgets that he is not as big on the outside as he feels on the inside. He loves spending time outside, digging holes that my husband has to go around filling with dirt. Charlie has so much fun tormenting our German Shepard Ruger, who is on most days, terrified of everything, but especially Charlie. Charlie is of course the star of the show most days because he has the biggest personality. He’s where Charlie and the Pips got its name and despite being bullheaded he’s one of our most loveable fuzzballs!

Guinea Pig. Cookie.


Cookie is our youngest Guinea Pig. She’s only about 9 months old currently. We adopted her from a Facebook site, she wasn’t being made a priority in her family and we felt we could change that! She is an amazingly inquisitive cavy. Cookie loves apples, her housemate Orbit, and a snuggly bed. We love to snuggle with her because she is so soft! She has the most silky soft fur and loves a good episode of Castle.

Guinea Pig. Bam


This is Bam. Bam is about 2.5 years old. He’s also an adoptee from the world of Facebook. He got his name from my husband who at the time was obsessed with the show ‘Alaskan Bush People’. He took one look at Bam and said “We have to call him Bam because of his extremeness.” When I asked what was extreme about him I of course got the answer “HIS HAIR”! The name stuck, and it suits him. He had a fantastic personality that suits his extreme name. He is curious, friendly, and LOVES a snack. Don’t even try to sneak by that habitat without stopping for a chin rub or a treat!

Guinea Pig. Orbit


Orbit is our oldest lady! She is soon going to turn 2 years old. Orbit was also named by my husband. She went from Oreo to Orbit once he realized she had some brown in her coloring…Orbit does not love getting her picture taken as much as Bam, Charlie, and Cookie do. Occasionally she will smile…if I bribe her with some kale. Orbit loves spending time outdoors, munching on clovers, and she also really likes Oscar, our Pit/Chow mix. They’ve always been buds and sometimes when I can’t find Hop (one of Oscar’s many nicknames) I’ll find him laying outside her cage, just hanging out.

Oscar the Dog.


Oscar is a 7 year old Pit, Chow, Shepard, mix that we adopted from the Humane Society of Harrisburg. We were about to leave when we spotted him and my husband had to have him. He fell in love on the spot and due to a previous adoption falling through we were able to take him home with us that same day! We had just bought our first house, moved in together, and then we adopted Oscar. He’s been with us through 5 years of craziness and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is Dustin’s baby, and hates to be away from him. If Dustin ignores him he will sneak up onto the couch and crawl onto his lap…even though he’s a small bear and weighs a TON!

Ruger Sitting for Sticks


What can I say about my handsome baby! He’s turning 3 already! Ruger is one of the only pets we have that we didn’t adopt. After we adopted Oscar we realized he had some separation anxiety problems and after some discussion we decided we’d like to have two dogs anyway…so began the search. It was just perfect timing that my parents had neighbors who breed GSD’s and we were only going to look. Well LOOK what we brought home that night! He was the runt of the litter but now he towers over all his litter-mates and even his mother! On his hind legs he can stand about 7 feet tall. Everyone who meets him is instantly afraid but after two seconds they realize that he is the most GIANT baby in the history of the world. He is terrified of everything; loud noises, small rabbits, sticks, tall men, tall women, dogs, shadows, TV shows with loud laughter. The list could go on for days. He’s a mess. BUT! He’s my mess and I love him.

Dustin and I. Wedding

Dustin & I

Dustin and I were married in June of 2015. We’ve been together 5 years this November. It’s hard to believe but we grew up next to each other, went to the same schools, I was best friends with his sister, but we never really crossed paths until Thanksgiving 2010. We met, instantly started talking, and it sort of blossomed naturally out of that meeting. There was never an official first date, no “let’s go steady” moment. That’s not really the kind of couple we were and in marriage we are equally unconventional. It works for us and I’m blessed every single day to have a man like Dustin in my life. He supports me through all my malfunctions, allows my insane animal collection to grow as need be, and he has never once suggested I might fail at anything I feel like trying. I think at the end of the day that’s all anyone can ever hope for. Someone who is always willing to let their partner TRY.